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Glowing Is The Movement

Glam Leaf Flakes - Gold, Silver & Copper



  • Whether used sparingly or throughout the face for maximum drama add our leaf fakes to the corners of a smoky eye to create mesmerizing contrast, or dust a delicate amount onto your cheekbones for subtle, radiant glimmer. Indulge yourself with an exquisite scattering of brightest sunlight.
  • Apply as the final step of your makeup ritual. Using your fingertip or a soft brush, gently pat several flakes onto your features for a striking and luminous look. For maximum payoff and long-lasting wear, dab on a bit of primer or cream base before application.
  • This cosmetic is vegan and free from both parabens and sulfates. 
  • It is formulated for use on skin and is not intended for ingestion.



Net Wt: 3 ml vial.