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Cheri Nails Press Ons


Cheri Nails Press Ons A game changer, darling.  Long lasting press on nails, you clearly need in your life. 

Made of high quality ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Material. Not flimsy plastic. 

What's included:

*24 pcs. tips - Different sizes for your best fit. Enough for 2 fresh sets.

*Nail Glue - A pretty strong one. 

*Nail File

*Alcohol Pad

*Wooden Stick - To push cuticles back.


We advice you follow instructions carefully for maximum longevity. In doing so, these should last from 10-14 days or more. Tested and proven by Cheri!

Can be custom fit by cutting and/or filing down to shape them to your liking. 


1. Select the size for each nail. 

2. File and buff nails to remove nail shine. (This is very crucial for glue adhesion)

3. Clean nails with acetone or an alcohol pad.

4. Apply glue to your natural nail. (THE KEY IS HERE! IT'S ALL IN THE GLUE!!)

5. Press nail tip and hold for 10 seconds or until there aren’t no visible air pockets.

6. Repeat for all nails.

7. Try not to wet your hands for 1-2 hours after.   


Option 1:

1. Soak in warm water, oil and soap for 15 mins. This will make the glue soften.

2. Gently loosen with wooden cuticle stick or spare nail. Start from the sides. Try not to pull.  

Option 2:

1. With a spare nail, simply pop them off. 

2. Buff natural nails to remove dry glue for new set.


Shipping: 1-2 days processing, 2-3 days Shipping via USPS. 

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