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Vagy Magic Feminine Care Kit



  1. Daily Intimate Foaming Wash - Dulce de Leche & Mint - 2 OZ
  2. Daily Feminine Gel Wash - Lavender & Tea Tree - 4 OZ
  3. Daily Feminine Cleansing Yoni Spray - Unscented - 2 OZ


Perfect Traveling Kit!

The vagina can be self cleansing but the vulva is not. When people say vagina or yoni, they are referring to the vulva, the outer part of the vagina. We know how embarrassing it can be to talk about our vaginas, but we want you to praise and honor her with care and the respect that she deserves! Keep her healthy without irritation or dryness. 

Our Vagy Magic Feminine Care collection is formulated with a blend of essential ingredients which creates a rich lather that rinses clean leaving your magical garden refreshed, rejuvenated, divined and ph balanced.