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Leidi - 3D Mink Lashes



  • High End False Eyelashes That Seamlessly Blend In With Your Own & Give Amazing Natural Look & Length
  • Easy To Apply, Comfortable For Prolonged Wear, Non-Irritant, Reusable With Proper Care
  • Superior Craftsmanship, Unparalleled Quality, Lightweight To Wear, Cruelty-Free, Handmade 
  • Every Pair Comes In A Pretty Gold Packaging, To Keep Them In Pristine Condition!

Our mink eyelashes are made with genuine fur mink, made for women who prefer more natural looking artificial eyelashes. Fur is collected during the animals natural shedding season and then collected by farmers, it is sterilized to ensure it is hypo-allergenic. This procedure is a completely cruelty free. Unlike synthetic lashes, our 100% natural mink fur is free from any chemical processing and dye which allows for an extremely soft, lightweight, and natural look.

Our 3D mink eyelashes can be reused several times. They can be worn up to 25 times or more if they are cared for in the proper ways. By cleaning the fake eyelashes gently and removing all the glue and storing them in their original box to keep them dust free they will last a long time. 3D mink eyelashes are an alternative to synthetically manufactured false eyelashes that are sold in beauty shops. Mink lashes are more flexible, have a natural shine and are incredibly lightweight compared to synthetic eyelashes. They are considered to be high quality lashes as they offer a much better soft natural look.


3D Mink Lashes Care

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