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Glowing Is The Movement

Midi Knuckle Rings Set of 3



Simple, cute and delicate midi/knuckle rings. These handmade dainty rings look great with any outfit and are perfect for everyday night/day wear. 

-Set of 6 (2 Chevron - 4 Reg)
-Tarnish resistant gold/silver plated wire - meaning it won’t make your finger green. 
-Wear one of stack them all together!
-These are open back rings, thus adjustable to fit any finger. 
-Average size for midi ring is 3.5 – size that fits most people for above the knuckle.
-General sizing rule - subtract 3 - 4 from your normal ring size and that should be your midi ring size.
-If you’d like a smaller/bigger size please contact me and I'll custom make it.
-Gift Ready. Packaging consists of cute jewelry box/ gift bags.
-These rings are individually handmade, so each ring made may be slightly different.
-Although they're tarnish resistant, as with anything ,the better you take care of them, the longer they’ll last. Try to avoid soaps/lotions and bathing with them on for longevity.